Dermatology Success Stories

Carmela's Growth Removed

Meet Carmela. PVSEC Dermatology helped clear the visible growth on Carmela's front paw. Now Carmela's back to her old self - a happy dog with a happy owner.

Labrador Mix

Prior to adopting him from Animal Friends, Ichabod's family had lost three rescued greyhounds to cancer within six months. Having dealt with these recent losses, the family was unsure if they would want to add another member to their family so soon. But not long after seeing an Animal Friends commercial and visiting their website, the family changed their mind.

Ichabod - a Labrador mix who retained his affectionate and resilient spirit despite the conditions he had survived - especially moved the family. When a humane agent rescued Ichabod, he weighed only 32 pounds, had badly infected ears and eyes and very little hair. By the time he was introduced to his new owners, Ichabod had gained almost twice his body weight back and had begun to recover from the neglect he had been subjected to for months.

After adopting Ichabod, his new family took him directly to their family veterinarian, who immediately referred him to Dr. Sargent at PVSEC Dermatology to help him further recover from his chronically itchy skin, eyes and ears. A week later, Ichabod began a course of steroids, antibiotics and tender loving care. After allergy testing revealed a severe mold and dust mite allergy, Ichabod was started on allergy vaccines to desensitize him to these common environmental allergens.

Ichabod made a remarkable recovery. Months later when the family had to board him during a trip out of town, they encountered the same humane agent who initially rescued Ichabod. The agent was amazed at how healthy he looked. His coat of hair was again thick and shiny, and even the hair around his eyes and muzzle, which had been rubbed away by his constant scratching, had grown back.