Neurology Success Stories

Zack's Neck Surgery
1 year old
Miniature Poodle

Zack was only one year old when he first visited the PVSEC Neurology office as an emergency case. The three-pound miniature poodle had jumped off the bed and was experiencing serious neck pains and leg weakness. After an initial visit, Dr. MacKillop decided that Zack needed surgery. His diagnosis was atlantoaxial subluxation, a condition that meant Zack had dislocated the first two vertebrae in his neck. The proposed surgery involved inserting pins, screws and bone cement into Zack's neck.

After surgery, Zack was required to stay in the hospital for a few days. Upon release, follow-up appointments were needed to track his condition. After only a few weeks, Dr. MacKillop was happy to report that Zack had made a full recovery from the surgery. Zack's neck pain was gone and his legs were stronger than ever.